Drop-in FAQ

Drop-in FAQs

I‘m visiting the Crystal Coast and am a member at another CrossFit Affiliate. Can I drop in to a class while I’m in town?

Yes, absolutely. We love visitors at CrossFit Emerald Isle. Click Here for our class schedule. Feel free to drop in to any of our regular class times. The drop in fee is $20/day or $50/week. Shoot us an e-mail to let us know you are coming and show up a few minutes early to fill out a waiver.

Does warm-up start at class time or do your warm-ups need to be done before class time? At (my box), we show up 30 mins before the advertised class time, warm up, and then are ready to rock at advertised class time.

We do a 5-10 min group warmup in class, but you are more than welcome to do any extra warm ups you need prior to that.

Is there a difference between CrossFit Emerald Isle and Crystal Coast Strength and Conditioning?

Nope. Two names, one gym.

Still have a question?

Shoot us an e-mail.